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We accept applications between 9:00AM and 4:00PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Current openings are as follows:

  • Steakhouse Chef D' Cuisine
  • Maintenance - HVAC
  • Dealer/Table Games (Part Time Only)
  • Surveillance
  • Security (Part Time Only)
  • Room Inspector / Hotel
  • Hotel Housekeeping
  • Valet
  • Grill Cook / Graveyard
  • Maintenance Tech



Steakhouse Chef D' Cuisine

FUNCTIONS: The Steakhouse Chef D’ Cuisine is responsible and accountable for the overall food production, quality control, and presentation of the restaurant and steakhouse menus.

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible to the Director of Food and Beverage for successful performance of assigned duties. Responsible for the supervision and performance of the steakhouse cooks, servers and kitchen staff. Assist and advises other departments and company personnel, as necessary to assure the success of the steakhouse. Develop and manage the business plan and budget for the restaurant. Responsible for inventory control and ordering supplies, food, and drink necessary to operate the restaurant. Developing wait, host, utility, and kitchen staff. Review staffing levels to maintain budgeted level of employment. Delegate authority and assign responsibilities. Review departmental status with Food and Beverage Director/Executive Chef. Develop and manage programs and processes to reduce and control loss time injuries. Meets with directors and managers as necessary. Development and manage the production of food orders in the kitchen, keeping in budget and controlling food cost. Ensure the safety and security of employees and customers. Implement programs and processes to control and reduce loss time injuries. Review staffing levels to maintain budgeted levels of employment

METHODS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Ability to maintain strict confidentiality relative to financial data, promotions, company policies and procedures. Through various oral and written reports to the Executive Chef. Through achievement of performance goals.

STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE Individual Proficiencies Management abilities demonstrated in managing the banquets and food outlets effectiveness. Maintain interpersonal working relationships among all personnel. Oral and written communication skills. : Individual Proficiencies-Management abilities demonstrated in managing restaurant operational effectiveness. Public relations and customer service skills. Oral and written communication skills. Maintaining a professional working relationship among all personnel. Job Performance-Management of established budget and other performance goals. Effective utilization of staff.

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to analyze and interpret departmental needs and results. Ability to solve complex problems. Ability to perform assigned duties under frequent time pressures in an interruptive office. Ability to enforce and practice all the safety procedures, Health Department standards and applicable OSHA requirements. Broad variety of tasks and deadlines requires an irregular work schedule. Ability to analyze and interpret operation results. Ability to solve complex problems. Knowledge of sanitation laws and health regulations and applicable OSHA regulation. Ability to perform assigned duties under pressure. A variety of task and deadlines requires irregular work schedule. Ability to perform in an interruptive office environment. Accuracy in completing assigned duties in a timely manner.

EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE Five to seven years experience as a chef d’cuisine, sous chef, pastry chef, or specialty chef with a 4-year degree in a related field or equivalent work experience. Alcohol Beverage Control card Five to seven years experience in restaurant management and supervision, purchasing and inventory control with a 4-year degree in related fields or equivalent work experience.


Maintenance - HVAC

FUNCTION: The HVAC Mechanic is responsible for maintaining and repairing all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration systems at DiamondJacks Casino & Resort. Assumes prime responsibility for the security of materials, equipment, tools and supplies carried on supporting mobile unit. Establishes appropriate safe practices for themselves, team members, and guests under their supervision at job sites. Maintains Refrigerant Certification. Maintains acceptable attendance in accordance with DiamondJacks guidelines and complies with safety standards. This position requires that employees report to their job site during emergency situations, such as snow, inclement weather, or other emergency situations. May be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency situations, including weather and other building emergencies. Essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Consults with workers/supervisors to determine the details of assigned task.
  • Supervises skilled/semiskilled workers.
  • Performs preventative maintenance and direct maintenance to all HVAC systems, HVAC/unit controls, equipment, kitchen equipment, and fan systems in the school system.
  • Assists with the installation and cabling of digital controls.
  • Performs preventative maintenance of all chillers, cooling towers and boilers.
  • Performs maintenance on all filters.
  • Make recommendations for conservation of energy.
  • Maintains access to facilities during inclement weather conditions.

REQUIREMENTS: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to two (2) years of college or technical training in HVAC/Refrigeration or extensive experience in commercial HVAC/Refrigeration maintenance and repair.


Dealer/Table Games (Part Time Only)



RESPONSIBILITIES: Dealing the game and monitoring the monies of the table at all times. Controlling gaming cards and equipment. Responsible for analyzing customer play for cheating scams and suspicious variations in play. Responsible for guest relations, paying wins and ensures the safety and security of guests and employees. Ability to read and understand simple instructions. Ability to use chips, cards, and a paddle. Needs to have good hand/eye coordination. Knowledgeable of specified games and gaming regulations. Ability to add monies and chips. Knowledge of theft techniques. Good customer service and communication skills. Ability to perform assigned duties under frequent time pressure in an interruptive environment.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing 75%, Walking 10%, Bending 15% (from waist), and Repetitive hand motions.




FUNCTION: Observe the activities of guests and team members in both gaming and non-gaming areas via the use of closed circuit television systems for criminal activity and/or violations of state gaming regulations and company policies and procedures; Remain current on all local, state, and federal gaming rules and regulations; Advise the Shift Supervisor and submit appropriate reports when incidents, infractions, or violations occur; Ensure compliance with all company/department policies and procedures.

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND ABILITIES: Above average verbal and written communication skills (in English). Ability to read, follow instructions and communicate clearly. Ability to work on a computer, including typing and editing detailed descriptive reports. Above average manual dexterity. Vision correctable to 20/20 (with normal acuity). Ability to perform assigned job duties in an environment with frequent interruptions and under time pressures. Knowledge of casino games and operations. Knowledge of current company and department policies and procedures.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Walking / Standing 20%; Sitting 80%

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 21 years of age or older; High school diploma or GED equivalent; Three months of casino experience (preferred); Must be able to obtain a valid Louisiana Gaming License and Louisiana Responsible Vendors Server Permit.


Security (Part Time Only)


RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for all patrons, employees and company assets.

GENERAL: Assisting in transporting money, chips, tokens, and markers. Controlling access to restricted areas. Reacting to patron and employee incidents and accidents. Monitoring patron and employee passage in and out of casino. Responsible for checking for and reporting safety hazards. Ensure the safety and security of all guest and employees. Other duties as assigned.

EQUIPMENT/TECHNICAL: Use of hand held radio and flashlight.

WORK AREA: Casino environment exposed to hot and cold temperatures, excessive noise levels, bright lights, and smoke. May include a boat and/or floating barge. High rise hotel and atrium. Use of stairs, elevator, and escalator.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing/Walking 80% Climbing 5% Bending/Lifting 15 % (up to 250 lbs. With help)


Room Inspector / Hotel

RESPONSIBILITIES: Inspects all vacant rooms for efficient top conditions and meeting housekeeping specification. Assure cleaning standards are met through training and consistent prescribed procedures. Report all maintenance problems and assure protection of all hotel property for possible damage. Check room attendance appearance, carts, equipment, and cleaning supplies. The storerooms are property stocked with linens and supplies. Ensure the safety and security of guest and employees. Other duties as assigned.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Bending 20% (from waist), Standing/Walking 40%, Lifting 20% (up to 30 lbs.), Pulling 20% (up to 75 lbs.)


Hotel Housekeeping

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for cleaning all rooms assigned in the following manner: Change bed linen daily, Vacuum carpet daily, Dust all furniture (picture frames, bed frames, lamps, TV’s dressers and all other room items) daily. Remove fingerprints and smudges from mirrors, shiny surfaces, windows, etc. Thoroughly clean the bathroom area washtub, tiles, sink, floor, toilet, walls, doors, etc. Replenish toilet tissue, Kleenex, soap, and other amenities. Loads linen cart with all supplies for designated work area. Keeps supply closet clean and in order. Make room check at designed time marking slip vacant or occupied. Ensure the safety and security of guest and employees. Other duties as assigned.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Bending 20% (from waist), Standing/Walking 40% Lifting 20% (up to 30 lbs.), Pulling 20% (up to 75 lbs.).




RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for safe parking and retrieval of vehicles. Ensuring all vehicles are video checked for damage, ticketed, locked and keys returned to the valet office. Maintaining security of keys in an orderly manner. Maintaining cleanliness of office, and hotel entrance. Count and record tips. Greeting all patrons and responding to their questions. Ensure the safety and security of guest and team members. Other duties as assigned.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing 20%, Bending 10% (from waist), Walking 20%, and Running 50%


Grill Cook / Graveyard

RESPONSIBILITIES: Safely prepare short-order food items, following menu specifications and standard recipes. Always conduct oneself in a manner that reflects a positive professional image. Requires reading and math skill for recipes and measurements. Actively participates with staff to cook, prepare, dish-up and assemble all outlets food. Adheres to control procedure for food costs and quality. To encourage and abide by all health codes and hand washing guidelines. Ability to read and gather all necessary items for recipe execution. Prepare all food items according to standard recipes and menu to ensure consistency of product to the guest. Be able to prepare an order list for recipe preparations. Preparation of hot and cold sauces. Ability to perform all duties at a higher level of accuracy and speed than a Cook. Ability to operate kitchen equipment including slicer, steamer, deep fryer, ovens, broiler, grill, mixer, braiser, kettle, and flat top. Must have basic knife skills. To have full knowledge of the MSDS program. Train lower level Cooks in proper equipment use

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Bending 15% Stooping 15% Kneeling 10% Standing 50% Walking significant distances 10%


Maintenance Tech

RESPONSIBILITIES: Repair and maintenance to assure proper operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment used by guests and staff. Repair and maintain physical structure of building using hand power tools. Replace defective electrical devices, switches, and other fixtures. Paint structures and repair woodwork wit carpenters tools. Repair plumbing and plumbing fixtures. Repair plaster and lays brick. Assure the safety and security of guest and employees. Other duties as assigned.

EQUIPMENT/TECHNICAL: Hand tools, power tools, and electrical supplies. Paint and plaster tools. Two way radio, beeper, telephone, ladders, and scaffold.

WORK AREA May include a high rise hotel, atrium, outside buildings. Exposed to varied temperatures and weather conditions. Smoke, fumes, noise, chemicals. Use of elevators, stairs, and escalator. Casino environment that may be located on a boat and/or floating barge.

PHYSICAL REQUIRMENTS Sitting 5% Standing/Walking 50% Lifting 10% (up to 75 lbs.) Bending 10% (from waist) Climbing 15% Pushing/Pulling 10% (up to 200 lbs.)

EDUCATIONAL REQURIEMENTS A high school diploma or GED equivalent. Completion of trade/vocational/technical school in electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. Two year experience in hotel or apartment maintenance.

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND ABIITIES Ability to read, write, understand, and follow complex documents to include floor plans and schematics. Knowledge of the use of power tools, hand tools, and electrical. Skilled in carpentry. Ability to work well with others or alone. Knowledgeable of OSHA guidelines and hazardous chemical awareness. Knowledgeable of Innkeepers Laws. Ability to perform assigned job duties under frequent time pressure in an interruptive environment.