Meeting Room Prices

Legends Theatre                        
Ruby Room $1,400
Emerald Room $1,400
Diamond Room $1,250


Topaz/Amethyst Salon $500
Topaz Room $245
Amethyst Room $300


Sapphire/Garnet Salon $600
Sapphire Salon $350
Garnet Salon $300


Carnelian Board Room $200
Opal Room $100

Agave can be utilized on a limited basis for day functions.

**For every $3.00 spent in catering, $1.00 will be deducted from your rental


The following restrictions will apply:

Function                                            Hours Allotted

Breakfast                                                                                                     3 hours
Lunch                                                                                                          3 hours
Dinner                                                                                                         4 hours
Reception                                                                                                     6 hours
Daily Meeting                                                                                                9 hours


All prices are subject to change without notice.
All room rentals are subject to sales tax.