Friday, November 15 & Saturday, November 16 | 8PM-12AM
No Cover

Not your run-of-the-mill rock cover band. Just like a volcano, it took a long time and a lot of pressure to bring these fellas together. StompBox is the culmination of 30+ years of local music talent. StompBox’s line up is made up of guys that have been rocking the local Shreveport/Bossier music scene over the last 30+ years with the likes of Exit – Nobody’s Children – 8 Track – Ambush – Crash Cadillac – The Wunder Dogs – Good Man’s Brother – The Pack – Walker Street – Bushrod Jenkins – JuJu Road – Mile 11 – Southbound 71 & Red Thread.

With this lineup the band can go in just about any direction it wants to but at the moment the focus seems to be on the somewhat obscure tunes you may have forgotten were so cool back in the day. Hell, sometimes they will surprise you with a song you have never heard but when they play it you can’t help but go look it up.

StompBox is Joey Raborn (Vocals) – Greg Fulco (Guitar/Vocals) – Keith Vosbury (Guitar/Vocals) – Chris Cowan (Bass/Vocals) – Ron Petitt (Drums) – Mike Semon (Sound Engineering)

So how did this beautiful thing actually come about. Remember that each of these guys have played together in one band or another over the years so the awareness of each others taste and talent was well known. While Greg, Joey and Keith had musical dealings going back to high-school, it was not until the more recent times of the 2000s that Chris and Ron collaborated on different projects to form one of the best rhythm sections around. We were all frequenting each other’s gigs. Back in December of 2017 it seems as if all the pieces were in the right place. Joey was slowing down with 8-Track. Chris was looking for something different. Ron and Greg were not in a steady music venture at the time. We new right away after the first meeting that we wanted a 2nd guitarist. Enter Nate Hanlon of 80s local band Nobody’s Children. Ron had recently worked with Nate in an attempt to assemble a new local band called the Knockoves but the pieces just didn’t quite line up. That is the way new ideas go sometimes.

“When the guys mentioned the need for a second guitarist, I only had one person in mind.”, explained Ron. That was Nate. Nate’s ability to sew the parts together was exactly what this band needed and it showed. The band started meeting at Ron’s studio to dig into the songs they picked. It took a few months to get it right before the first show but what a first show it was! StompBox debuted at Bayou Thunder Saloon back in June of 2018 to a standing room only crowd. The audience knew from the intensity of the first note that they were in for something special.

Things change. Nate had to leave the band soon after the first gig due to responsibilities related to his mother’s illness. FAMILY FIRST! Nate will jam with StompBox again.

Enter Keith Vosbury. Keith was a shoe-in for the band. His passion for the guitar and for the style and direction of the band was noticeable right out of the gate. The Vosbury family is like music royalty in this town so to have one of them in the band does not suck at all.

What does the future hold? You never know with this group so you better keep an eye on STOMPBOX.